United African Nations

an individual system making an unbroken economy in the world, a new society, a new stock market”

a collective tax, activate multiple constructions gradually”

Change the economy of African continent is possible, a simple system makes an unbroken economy”

The African continent does not have enough economic resources or a way to found contacts that help export. Locals have an average salary of $20-$120 monthly and this is not enough for locals to leave the mainland and explore other societies in the world and found a way to make business, you may think it’s a lie but today civilization is 30% in 50 countries of African continent. Today a house far from civilization is like that.

3rd World
Family store (soaps,candy, blades, candels, flours, species…) in traditional village
Water extraction

Humanitarian aid boats arrive at the port of the African continent with tons of clothing and essentials, giving away packages of 3 kilos for 15$-35$ sold it by the natives on the streets

the countries of central Africa are the ones that have fewer products and clothes, natives cross borders to deliver products”

Unfortunately, the clothing that is sold today in the civilizations of 52 countries in Africa is 90% second-hand, except South Africa, with 35% which is the most developed country for their roads, likewise South Africa has a civilization of 30%, clothes are donated from the first and second world; new clothing is delivered to oficial markets in towns and far from civilization

In 52 African countries,  far from civilization new clothes are considered for woman, a traditional piece of cloth that is tied at the waist.

Official market far from civilization

North of African countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Seychelles, has a total social reconstruction, could be considered second world countries, the products arrive easily due to tourism and its proximity to Europe, but its constructions are poor and quite old

New installations generate homes, commercial surfaces and wages; a new consumer society, allows the new civilization reach basic products, basic products dress and take care of personal hygiene, eliminating diseases such as tuberculosis, which is simply transmitted due to lack of oral hygiene.

UAN (United African Nations) is an strategy based on the logic and history of the world, what help the evolution of African Continent turning into the first world. 
The African continent can bill trillions in next twenty years having own concurrency and own stock market.

UAN it’s not a charitable foundation, it is only the name that represents a economical system

RUFIKAN Stocks & Real State
work on the extraction non-mining of carbon, oxygen, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, potassium, calcium and iron from Sahara desert.

Natural Raw builds and make the products of the society”

Sahara Sand is used to make glass, gravel and cement for it high melting point, basic elements used in construction.

Change the economy of the world is possible!

Rufikan Stocks & Real State is an organization of products and constructions easily applicable in the third and second world countries of Asia, Oceania and South America, the same constructions with international products can gradually changing for complete the economy of the world»

A first world lifestyle for everyone is possible!

Together make it happens

Her Royal Highness Princess -Marquiss Mariam, ESS.Princess Empress of the World named her Maryam Zirkunskonsky by the Royal Crown of Durland Kingdom is the founder of United African Nations, Afrikan Stocks and Rufikan Stocks & Real State